Required PTE Score for Australia PR 2024

PTE Score for Australia PR

PTE Score Required for Australia PR

PTE is a required Test for Australian or New Zealand Immigration or PR. For Visas 189 and 190 a minimum score of 65 point is required out of a total of 90 Points. PTE is most opted by Australian Aspirants for PR and also for students willing to study in most Universities and Colleges. – PTE Score for Australia PR.

If your goal is to work or study in Australia, you may already be aware of the PTE general requirements for Australia PR and are in the process of getting ready for the preset PTE score. It is important to remember that there are several types of PR in Australia, and each instance is unique. While it is usually not required for those seeking family-stream visas, it is for those seeking work-related visas. The candidate’s PTE points for Australian permanent residence must be at least 65 for visas 189 or 190.

Immigration South Australia has made several changes to the General Skilled Migration (GSM) regulations recently. According to the Australia PR points calculator 2020, a skilled person who plans to relocate to Australia must have 65 points. The PTE score points breakdown for Australian permanent residents (PR) on visas 189 and 190 is as follows:

PTE Minimum for Australia PR

Based on the latest draw, Australia PR’s PTE score is approximately 70. If you have a master’s degree, a good English score, and job experience in Australia, you can obtain Australian residency in less than a year.

For an Australia PR Skill (State Sponsored Visa), a minimum of 189-190 points is needed in their Application.

The PTE score needed for Australian immigration as well as the PTE General scores’ test-competence level are covered in this table:

PTE Exam can be registered on the official Website of PTE and also for getting Score reports.

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