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The PTE Test or Pearson Test of English is an important exam mostly required for moving abroad to top countries for Immigration and Study Purposes. Students who wish to pursue education abroad take the PTE Academic test and Candidates looking to move abroad for work take PTE Home. Both exams are similar just varies from study to work basis. This exam evaluates a candidate’s competency in the English language and persuades university administrators of his competence. Reading, writing, speaking, and listening are the four components of the PTE. Even for studying in Canada, PTE has been accepted as means for students to undertake if applying to universities there.

Since it is approved by colleges and immigration authorities worldwide, the PTE is preferred above other English language competency examinations. Sending additional marks to universities is free according to the PTE organisation. Within 48 hours of the test, PTE candidates receive their results.


There are two types of PTE Exams:

PTE Academic Exam: Students who want to get a spot at an international university take the PTE Academic exam. The PTE Academic Exam is offered all year long, and the results are good for two years. Four sections make up the exam: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

PTE Academic UKVI: For all UK visa applications that need a four-skill language test, the PTE Academic UKVI is a Secure English Language Test (SELT) that has been certified by the UK Home Office. Candidates who desire to work, study, or reside in the UK must take the PTE Academic UKVI.

The PTE Home is an English language test that is accepted by the UK Home Office particularly for family and work visas. The PTE Home English test is divided into: PTE Home A1, PTE Home A2 and PTE Home B1 English tests.

Who conducts PTE Exams?

The Pearson Group manages the PTE program. The cost of the PTE exam is Rs 15,900. The PTE is a two-hour test that intends to evaluate PTE applicants using conversational English rather than formal English.

Over 50 nations, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada, accept PTE scores. Around 300 test centres around the world administer this exam. Additionally, Australian and New Zealand visas both require a PTE score.

Top PTE Accepted Countries for Study and Migration

PTE Exam Score Validity

PTE Exam Scores are valid for 2 Years similar to IELTS. There is no limited number of Exams you can attend, but before taking the next test, you will need to await the previous results.

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PTE Syllabus/ Exam Pattern

PTE Exam is divided into 4 sections:

  • Speaking and Writing Sections (54 – 67 minutes)
  • Reading Section (29-30 minutes)
  • Listening Section (30-43 minutes)

Speaking and Writing Syllabus:

The Speaking & Writing section of the PTE has 8 different question types. The Speaking and Writing section of the PTE exam is the longest. Using academic English, the candidate will be judged on both their speaking and writing skills.

The section has a total time limit of 54 to 67 minutes, with the following time allocated to each section:

Personal Introduction1
Read aloud6 -7
Repeating sentences10.-12
Describe Image3 – 4
Retell lecture1 – 2
Respond to a short question5-6
Summarize written Text1 – 2
PTE Essay writing1 – 2
Total Questions (54-67 Minutes)28 – 36

Reading Section

The ability of applicants to comprehend written instructions in the language is evaluated in this part. This 29–30 minute piece will be broken up into five sections.
Examine the time distribution for this section’s segment-wise structure:

Reading and Writing – Fill in the Blanks5 – 6
Multiple Choice – Multiple answers1 to 2
Reordering paragraphs2 to 3
Fill in the blanks4 to 5
Multiple Choice – Single answer1 – 2
Total Questions – 29-30 Minutes13 – 18

The duration to complete this section is 32-40 minutes.

PTE Listening:

There is a 30-to 43-minute listening portion in the PTE Academic. This one is meant to test your comprehension of spoken English. The learner is responsible for making sure they pay close attention to the audio recording and retain what they hear.

This section is broken into eight segments, each of which has the following amount of time allocated to it:

Summarize spoken test1 to 2
Multiple Choice – Multiple answers1 to 2
Listening and Writing – Fill in the blanks2 to 3
Highlight the perfect summary1 to 2
Multiple Choice – Single answer1 to 2
Find the missing words1 to 2
Highlight the incorrect words2 to 3
Write from dictation3 to 4
Total Questions (30-43 Minutes)12 – 20

This section should be finished in 77–93 minutes overall.

PTE General or Home to take?

This consists of two topics

  • Speaking Interview
  • Written Section

Candidates who speak other languages and are learning English should take the PTE General exam. Candidates may take the PTE General if they plan to study, live, or work abroad. Universities all throughout the world recognize exam results. The non-English-speaking European nations also recognize PTE scores. This exam genuinely serves as a demonstration of your grasp of the English language. The PTE exam does not use computers. An interview and a written test make up its two portions. Reading and listening are also included in the written paper. Based on the CEFR levels, the test has six levels. The PTE General lasts for three hours.

A theme-based test called the PTE General is used to evaluate a candidate’s communication abilities. Six levels make up the total test, which is aligned with the CEF (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Through the Online method, candidates can sign up to take the PTE General test online. The test’s results are always reliable and can be applied to your plans to study abroad at any time. PTE does not have to be taken again.

PTE Score Framework

PTE Scores are based on a value from 0 to 90, and 10 being the lowest point to be scored. For example, a score of 73 in PTE would be equal to 7.5 in IELTS.

There are twenty different kinds of questions in every PTE Academic exam. Everybody receives a different grade. While the scores for more sophisticated question kinds, like as essay writing, are determined by a variety of variables, answers to multiple choice questions are only given a correct or wrong score.

Different Score Required:

  • Foundation courses: minimum score of between 36–50
  • Undergraduate degrees: minimum score of between 51–60
  • Postgraduate degrees: minimum score between of 57–67

Download the Score Guide from Here.

Difference in Score from IELTS:


Report of the Scores cannot be sent to the University directly. You will need to go to the Official PTE website and log in to your account and choose the University in the Select Score section.

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PTE Exam Booking

The exam can be booked via the Official PTE website, and by phone on 00080 0440 2020. A late fee will need to be paid if booking 2 days ahead of Exam.

Exam Centres: Muthoot Institute of Tech. & Science, Kochi (Temporary) & Santa Monica Study Abroad Office, MG Road, Kochi

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PTE Exam Cancellation

Any cancellation of the PTE must be made 14 days prior to the exam date. If candidates cancel their PTE exam before 14 days before their scheduled PTE exam, they will receive a full refund. Candidates who cancel their PTE exam at least seven days prior to the exam will receive a 50% test cost refund. Less than 7 days prior to the scheduled exam date, students who cancel their exam will not receive any kind of reimbursement.

PTE rescheduling can be done 14 days before the test date. After 14 Days 50% fee will need to be paid.

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