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GRE Coaching Online and Offline in Kerala, India

GRE coaching is essential to individuals looking to study abroad in Top countries. There are only a few coaching centers in Kerala that offer such services. Texas Study Abroad, the Top GRE Coaching Centre will surely help you study abroad and get Scholarships at top Universities in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and more.

GRE Preparation institutions in Kerala has many institutions which provides students with qualified advice, guidance, professional training, and reliable study materials to achieve high scores in each module. The learning methods can be benefited only through offline training but students can prefer Online GRE coaching as well. GRE consists of 4 Sections each which requires focus and commitment.

The GRE, which is administered by the US-based Educational Testing Service (ETS), is a “Computer Based Test” that is frequently used as a prerequisite for admission to graduate programs, including MBA programs, by business schools, primarily in the US as well as some universities and institutions abroad. Given that the GMAT and GRE have identical exam formats and study materials, 2023 GRE preparation can be approached similarly.

GRE is Accepted in Top Countries like the USA, Australia, UK for high Scholarship Opportunities and Visa Acceptance rates.

Since the ETS has declared that the GRE exam will be shorter starting on September 22, 2023, the current method of exam preparation for that year will need to be modified. The GRE measures a student’s verbal thinking, numeric reasoning, and analytical writing abilities in order to determine if they are prepared for graduate-level academic work. The duration of the GRE exam is currently around 4 hours, but from September 22 it will be shortened to 1 hour and 58 minutes, with 46 fewer questions and only 1 essay instead of the 2 that are currently required.

More than 1,300 MBA institutions and universities worldwide accept GRE exam scores. You can apply and take the GRE five times a year to increase your score and percentage, the University can check scores for every exam taken. The exam is also offered all year round. There are two testing formats for the GRE: computer-based tests at testing centers, and online proctored tests that you can take from the comfort of your home. To learn everything there is to know about the GRE preparation plan, including the GRE exam format and syllabus, the GRE preparation tips, the best GRE coaching, the best GRE study materials, and more, see the Table of Contents below.

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Why Texas Study Abroad GRE Coaching

GRE Coaching Kerala

Texas Study Abroad has a high overall achievement rate and is the quickest-emerging leader in test preparation. We have many years expertise in offering top-notch GRE instruction and have successfully aided thousands of students attain their desired GRE score. Our instruction can guarantee that pupils receive the finest possible preparation.

The majority of non-native speaker test-takers are finding it to be extremely effective to enhance their Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking with us, especially if they only have a few weeks left to prepare for GRE tutoring. This is according to Texas Study Abroad’s analysis. For high score only, we offer thorough GRE coaching from knowledgeable staff.

Texas Study Abroad specialises in providing test preparation, career guidance, and international education planning advice to professionals and students. Many students from the south Indian region have been enrolled through us at universities throughout the world. We can proudly introduce ourselves as the Best GRE Coaching Centre in Kerala since we have been enjoying success achieving administration service for the student community for the past five years in a row.

We present students and working professionals a successful future with the assistance of our knowledgeable counselors; our refinement is shown in having the highest percentage of visas granted in the south Indian region. We assert that we extend as providing certified support to all individuals who seek to travel to another country in order to pursue their worthwhile research objectives because we are the pioneer in progressive global education.

Features of GRE Coaching at Texas Study Abroad

👉🏼 Online and Offline Coaching

👉🏼 Flexible Lowest fees and Quality Education

👉🏼 Teachers with 5+years of experience who provide exceptional coaching

👉🏼 100% successful results for GRE Test Takers

👉🏼 Up-to-date syllabus on Course Preparations

👉🏼 Regular tips and tricks to get good scores with Weekly Mock test

👉🏼 Self-preparation study material

👉🏼 Comfortable ambiance with Air conditioning, the Latest Classrooms tech and ease of transport availability as it is in City Centre.

GRE Test Format

There are 2 types of GRE tests:

1. GRE General Test

The verbal reasoning, analytical writing, critical thinking, and quantitative reasoning sections of the GRE General Test are used to evaluate test-takers’ abilities in these areas. The performance of a candidate on earlier sections of a computer-based general test determines the degree of difficulty of later sections.

GRE Computer Based Exam – Coaching will also be based on these Sections

SectionsDurationNo. of SectionsNo. of Questions
Verbal Reasoning60 minutes220 x 2
Analytical Writing60 minutes12
Quantitative Reasoning70 minutes220 x 2
Total3 hours 30 minutes782

Over 70k Indians take GRE Coaching each year making the country the 2nd highest test taker.

2. GRE Paper-Based Test

The 3 hours and 30 minutes long GRE paper-based test, often known as the PBT, is available in paper and pen format. Three times a year, the test is given.

GRE Paper Based Exam Pattern to Remember

SectionsDurationNo. of SectionsNo. of Questions
Verbal Reasoning70 minutes225 x 2
Analytical Writing60 minutes22
Quantitative Reasoning80 minutes225 x 2
Total3 hours 30 minutes6102

GRE Requirement

Any student who is willing to go move abroad to top companies can get GRE or GMat even before finishing +2. So contact us to know more.

If you want to study law, medicine, engineering, etc., you can sign up for the GRE. The exam is open to applicants who want to pursue a master’s degree.

There is no upper age limit for the GRE exam. If there are any prerequisites, please check the university website.

Additionally, there are no specific requirements for taking the GRE Subject test. Applying for the GRE Subject test only requires your signature and a recognised form of identification. Additionally, be sure the subject you choose is directly relevant to your major.

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GRE Test Syllabus

GRE Analytical Writing

From September 22, 2023, the GRE General Test will include an Analytical Writing measure that will evaluate your capacity for critical thought and analytical writing.

  • Clarify and bolster difficult concepts
  • Create arguments
  • Maintain a concentrated and logical conversation
  • It doesn’t evaluate knowledge of certain topics.

The “Analyze an Issue” activity, which takes 30 minutes to complete, is the Analytical Writing measure. In this activity, a viewpoint on a matter is presented along with guidelines for how to react. You must assess the problem, take into account all of its nuances, and create a case for your position that is supported by facts and examples.

You will type your essay responses using an ETS-developed simple word processor. The word processor has the ability to cut and paste, erase text, add text, and reverse prior actions. Instruments

Verbal Reasoning

The GRE General Test’s Verbal Reasoning section evaluates your capacity for:

  • Examine and analyze written content, then combine the knowledge gleaned from it.
  • Explore the connections between the sentence’s constituent parts
  • Identify the connections between concepts and words

Spoken There are various formats for reasoning problems; each is covered in detail in the sections that correspond to it that are linked to below. You must read passages and provide answers based on them for around half of the test. You must read, understand, and finish preexisting sentences, phrase groups, or paragraphs for the second half of the assignment.

The curriculum includes:

  • Basic Sentence structure: Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives
  • Verb Tense
  • Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions
  • Pronoun Agreement
  • Subject-Verb Agreement
  • Modifiers
  • Parallelism

Quantitative Reasoning

The GRE General Test’s Quantitative Reasoning section evaluates your:

  • Fundamental understanding of mathematics
  • Knowledge of basic mathematical ideas
  • Capacity to use quantitative reasoning, modeling, and problem-solving techniques.

While some of the Quantitative Reasoning questions are asked in purely mathematical contexts, others are asked in real-world scenarios. A large number of the questions are “word problems,” meaning they need to be translated and quantitatively modeled. The four content categories listed below are where the abilities, concepts, and skills are evaluated.

Arithmetic topics:

  • Properties and types of integers, such as
  • Divisibility
  • Factorization
  • Prime numbers
  • Remainders and odd and even integers
  • Arithmetic operations
  • Exponents and roots
  • Estimation, Percent, Ratio, Rate, Absolute Value

Algebra topics, including:

  • Operations with exponents
  • Factoring and simplifying algebraic expressions
  • Relations,
  • Functions
  • Equations and inequalities
  • Linear and quadratic equations and inequalities
  • Setting up equations to solve word problems
  • Geometry,
  • Graphs of functions,
  • Intercepts
  • Slopes of lines

Geometry topics, including:

  • Parallel and Perpendicular lines
  • Circles
  • Triangles, including isosceles, equilateral and 30°-60°-90° triangles 
  • Quadrilaterals
  • Polygons
  • Area
  • Perimeter
  • Volume
  • the Pythagorean Theorem

GRE Test Scoring

SectionsMinimum ScoreMaximum Score
GRE Quantitative Reasoning130170 (with 1 point increment)
GRE Verbal Reasoning130170 (with 1 point increment)
GRE Analytical Writing Assessment6 (with .5 increment)

Analytical writing scores on the Graduate Record Examinations range from 0 to 6, in half-point increments. The range of scores for verbal and numeric thinking is 130–170, in one-point increments.

A 340 on the Graduate Record Examinations with a 6 in analytical writing is the best possible result. Unlike most other tests, the Graduate Record Examinations section scores are published separately rather than as a total. There are no fault lines.

GRE Exam Fee

Candidates should be aware that the terms “GRE registration fee,” “GRE application fee,” and “GRE form fee” all refer to the GRE registration fee. The GRE exam costs roughly 19,110.17 Indian rupees (INR). Gre Exam centre is in Cochin and will need to be selected online.

Scores on the Graduate Record Examinations Subject Tests range from 200 to 990 in increments of 10.

GRE Exam Registration

GRE exam registration can be done online:

  • Go to the ETS webpage and create an account. Creating an account will help you register for the GRE general test. Click here.
  • Fill in your details like name, DOB, gender, address, etc., and create an account


  • Cancellation of the test can be done through phone or online account
  • It can be done 4 days prior to the test
  • Candidates have to pay a cancellation fee of $50

Texas Study Abroad will help you register for the exam from our branches in Kerala

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How Long is GRE Coaching Valid for?

You can take GRE Coaching for as long as 1 Year with Texas Study Abroad so that you dont have to pay Extra and take a test again.

How Long is GRE Scores Valid

5 Years

How to send scores to Institutions/ Universities?

The GRE test price entitles you to ask for the results to be submitted for free to up to four graduate institutions. For computer-based exams, test-takers can select the recipients they want their results to go to right there in the testing facility. In contrast, test takers in a paper-based exam can select their beneficiaries when selecting universities. During registration, they may also have the option to decline transmitting their scores to the colleges.

How to get Additional Score Reports?

The ASRs are available for ordering online, by mail, or by fax. You can purchase ASRs online by logging into your ETS account. Your average cost per ASR would be $27 USD, and once ordered, an ASR cannot be canceled or refunded.

Is it possible to clear GRE in 1 Month?

Okay, sure! It will be simple for you to pass the GRE if you are willing to put in your best effort.

Can we take GRE Test Online?

Yes, the GRE General Test can be taken online from home, offering convenience and flexibility for test-takers.

What is a good GRE Score?

A good GRE score varies based on your target graduate programs. Research average scores for your desired schools to set a target. A 340 on the Graduate Record Examinations with a 6 in analytical writing is the best possible result.

Where can I take the GRE Test?

GRE Test Center’s are in major cities like Kochi, Trivandrum , Chennai and many more.

How many times can we take GRE Exam?

You can retake the GRE exam 5 times in a year with a gap of at least 21 days. GRE retest/reschedule fee is Rs. 3745.

What is the GRE Exam Fee?

The GRE exam fee in India 2022 is Rs. 15, 800.
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